Avoid These Things for Better Sleep

By: J.Morgan

Sleep is very important to our health, physical as well as mental. Most people don’t get the proper amount of sleep nightly. Meeting deadlines, stress, and sleeping problems are just some of the reasons we are unable to sleep well. There are things we have to avoid if we want to get the proper amount of rest. Many people wake up several times during the night and may not even remember that they woke up. Others lay awake for hours trying to go to sleep. Some people have a combination of both problems. What ever the problems are you should first deal with the common factors that give you trouble when you are trying to sleep.

Here are some things to help you sleep better:

Make sure it is not too hot in the bedroom. It is easier to sleep if you can snuggle in the covers.

Any caffeinated beverage will keep you awake. Do not use within four hours of bedtime.

Nicotine is a stimulant. It will make you nervous and keep you up.

Do not watch the clock when trying to sleep; it will only create stress as you will see it getting later and later.

The bed is for sleeping, keep it that way. Don’t work or watch television in the bedroom.

Drinking too much alcohol can keep you awake and also make you wake up during the night, though you may not remember awakening.

Dim the lights before bedtime don’t wait until you’re ready to hop into bed to do this. Get yourself in the mood.

Noise such as a dripping faucet can drive you crazy if you’re trying to sleep. Many people use a fan or a white noise generator to block out external sounds.

The harder you try consciously to go to sleep the harder it gets. Don’t think about anything stressful. Daydream about something that makes you feel calm and soon you will be dreaming for real.

Try avoiding these things that disturb your peaceful sleep. Accept the fact that getting the proper sleep is essential to you health and well being. Give yourself the best environment for a nice relaxing sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. 

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