Should You Take a Sleeping Pill?

By: J.Morgan

Today there is a wide range of over the counter sleep aids available, that claim to assist with insomnia and sleeping problems.  It can be very stressful to have insomnia or a sleep disorder, and you may feel at times that you are losing your mind.  This is because sleep deprivation has a large impact upon our bodies and our brains.  It may be very tempting for many of us to take a sleeping tablet when we are exhausted from lack of sleep, especially with so many over the counter products available as well as it being simple to get a doctor’s prescription for a sleep aid.

However, before filling your body with medications, it is important to be aware of the fact that sleeping pills can actually make your condition worse.    It is important to realize that there is no single cure to easing your sleeping problems in a pill.  When deciding to take a sleeping pill, you are simply masking the problem and giving a temporary solution to your sleeping problems.  It is imperative that you get to the root of your problem and treat that problem or situation that is causing you to have a lack of sleep rather than masking it with sleeping pills.

There are different things to take into consideration before taking any form of sleeping pills.  These include your:

Age and
Length of the Insomnia

A majority of older people are more susceptible to insomnia.  However, sleeping pills may not be the answer.  Rather than jumping in with both feet and taking sleeping pills, a more regular sleep pattern should be considered along with daily exercise and less napping throughout the day.  This should assist your restlessness at night to help you to receive the sleep that you require.

Your gender should then be taken into consideration.  Studies have proven that women are more likely to have sleeping problems and suffer from a sleep disorder than men, and women with children are more likely to have sleep problems than those women without children.  This has proven to be a fact even when the children are older and no longer living at home.

The next thing to take into consideration is the length of time that you have suffered with sleep problems.  All of us can suffer from insomnia from time to time whereby a sleeping pill could help.  However, for chronic insomnia that lasts a long time, medical advice should be sought.  A medical checkup will be necessary in order to determine the cause of your insomnia and to find out what can be done to alleviate it.

It will take time to discover what the best treatment for your insomnia is.  However, you should never rush out to self-medicate with the use of sleeping pills until you have taken into consideration all of the options and reasons as to why you may have the problem in the first place.

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