Insomnia and Stress

By: J.Morgan

It has been said many times before as to just how serious of an impact stress can have on your life and the human body.  However, stress can also be a direct cause of insomnia.  In actual fact, one of the most common reasons for insomnia amongst adults is stress.  All areas of life are affected by stress, but the affect that stress has upon your sleep pattern can be one of the most overwhelming.  This is because sleep is absolutely imperative to us, and missing it, even occasionally, can have serious responses to the body.

Having increased stress levels in your life could largely contribute to a sudden inability to sleep, or be the cause of certain sleep disorders.  You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep, or suffering from other problems with insomnia.  Serious problems can be caused to a person who suffers with long term stress.  So what exactly can be done about it?

The first importance is that you understand your stress and to know exactly what is causing it.  Stress cannot be completely eliminated from our lives, but there are many areas where stress could be decreased.  You should initially take the time to sit and evaluate the areas of your life where you suffer the most amount of stress.

Now it is important to look at ways in which you can eliminate some of this stress.  Are there certain things that you could do to reduce or remove this stress from your life?  Whilst it is not possible for all of us to quit our jobs and live a life of luxury, there are particular things that cause stress in our lives whereby we do have the power to eliminate stress.  For instance, arriving at work a little earlier each day, or leaving the house a little earlier to avoid the rush hour traffic would help you to begin your day in a more relaxed manner.  Small things such as these can assist you in reducing daily stress.

Whilst it is not always possible to reduce the quantity of stress that we have in our lives, another method of helping stress and insomnia is changing the way that we react to stress.  It is not necessary to allow stressors to take control of your life, even when they are present.  It is up to you to make necessary choices about the stressors in your life and learn how to handle them.

It is vital that you remember that even short periods of sleeplessness can have a direct impact upon your health and well being.  Therefore, if you feel as though stress and insomnia are having an impact upon your life, then it is time to seek medical advice and treatment for your condition before it gets any worse and leads to other complications.

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