Creating a Bedtime Routine to Help Baby Sleep

By: J.Morgan

When it is time to go to bed, adults have our routines: a cup of tea, a good book, watch a little TV, brush your teeth, or take a relaxing bath.  No matter what routine you have, it helps you to sleep better.  Babies are no different.  They need a routine to help them get to sleep as well.  It is up to you to find out what works best for your baby. 

For babies, the routines can be fairly simple and shouldn't take too long.  If it takes too long, the baby can sometimes get a second wind and be harder to get to sleep.  A bath is a nice start to the evening.  There are even soothing baby baths that are nice to use.  Then you can snuggle them into some comfy pajamas. 

After that, sitting together in a rocking chair is a nice way to spend some time together before the baby nods off to sleep.  Singing or playing some lullabies while you rock can help relax the baby to sleep.  You have to be careful not to move too soon to put the baby in the crib, or you may find yourself starting over.  Watch for steady breathing, and relaxed arms and legs.

Another wonderful addition to any bedtime routine is reading bedtime stories.  This is one that will continue as the baby gets older.  Children love bedtime stories, and it also encourages them to become readers themselves.

It may take awhile to find what works best for your baby at bedtime.  Give it a week or two before you make any changes to see if the baby will adjust to it.  If it's still not working, try a slight change, only replacing one part of the routine.  Eventually you will find the right combination.

Consistency is the key, once you've established a routine that works.  It may be hard to keep up with at times, but babies need that steady habit.  Once they are used to it, bedtime won't be a struggle, but an enjoyable time for both of you. 

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